Keeping you off a ladder

Improve job safety and employee satisfaction while reducing cost and liability with SlapTagz®!!

SlapTagz® make jobs go faster while making them safer by reducing ladder usage.

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SlapTagz® also make jobsites look a lot better.

Which tag would you want to have hanging at your jobsite?

Falls are the #1 injury in the construction industry. Having a tool you can use to minimize the chances of falling off a ladder will help reduce injuries and employee time off the job.

This durable and reusable job site identification tag creates a professional environment that makes indicating areas of concern for a job easy to spot and to avoid.

When used with a reacher tool like the one shown in the video, the application process is made easier by gripping the flat surface of the marker and tapping it onto the selected area. The SlapTagz unit will automatically ‘self coil’ around the pipe.

The stainless steel chain secures the message banner in place as it hangs from the location in which you applied it.

SlapTagz is preloaded with a sprinkler banner but custom messages will soon be available.

Removing SlapTagz is just as simple as applying it. Simply use the reacher tool to grip the chain while gently pulling down. The material allows for easy storage for future use without concern of additional investment with each job.

SlapTagz® were designed to be used for Horizontal OR Vertical applications.

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