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Tagging Sprinkler Heads
SlapTagz® mark job sites hazards in seconds

Once upon a time, we were searching for this product. We invented it so you don’t need to search any more. Order yours today!

A Certified Woman’s Business Enterprise (WBE) with the State of Illinois, SlapTagz® is proudly designed and assembled in the USA by SPCL Designs.

SPCL Designs


The SlapTagz Story

SlapTagz is the creation of SPCL Designs. The company works in the construction industry and therefore makes products to make it a better, safer industry.

The Gondola Hairnet was the initial product developed based on a need for better tilt truck covers. Projects needed to run faster and more safely. As a result, the Gondola Hairnet became a best seller because of the quality and need for such a solution. Click to learn more about the story behind the Gondola Hairnet.

SlapTagz focuses on saving time, creating job site efficiencies and making work areas safer. The value of SlapTagz is the elimination of up and down ladder trips which minimizes falls and injuries. In some cases, SlapTagz completely eliminate the need for ladders.

Now, construction workers can place a tag on the reacher tool then quickly and easily hang banners in seconds while remaining on the ground. The removal process is just as easy, uses the same tool and reduces cost since SlapTagz are reusable!

Certified Women's Business Enterprise
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