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SlapTagz® Sprinkler Tag Case (100 Pack)


SlapTagz® Sprinkler -100 units ready to use.

All SlapTagz banners are double sided.

This type is 12 inches by 3.25 inches.

Preloaded with  Sprinkler Banners

New add on options coming soon

GTIN: 850027862248


5 in stock (can be backordered)

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Introducing SlapTagz® for water mains.

Since Falls are the #1 Injury in Construction, using this product removes the chances of a ladder fall.

No ladder needed, saves hundreds of ladder trips.

The easy to use Job Site identification tag makes an easy and fast task of indicating areas of concern at your Job site.

When used with a reacher tool,  grip the flat surface of the marker showing the SlapTagz logo and tap onto the area needing a tag. The SlapTagz will automatically self coil around the pipe, regardless if rounded or squared in shape.

The Stainless steel chain secures the message banner below.

SlapTagz® is preloaded with a Sprinkler Cut Off banner but can be opened to add a future message if needed.

When you are needing to remove the SlapTagz, simply use a reacher tool in the needed length, and grip the chain while pulling back down. Store for future use.

Made in a reflective material in case of loss of power. Main shut off banners coming soon*

Sold only in groups of 100 in a case.

No inner packaging container to reduce waste.

New banner choices coming soon

Patent  by SPCL Designs

Designed and Assembled in the USA using American made and Imported components combined.

GTIN: 850027862248

SlapTagz® Sprinkler Tag Case (100 Pack)


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